Timestamp with Pybytes integrations

  • Hi. Is it possible to set a timestamp field in a Webhooks integration?
    When I see the data on Pybytes there is a table with three columns (time, value and size): is it possible to use the fields time and size in a Webhooks integrations?

  • Throwing my 2c in that this is something i'm after as well. If it could be moved up the queue that'd be great!

  • Hi @giovannis

    For now, we don't provide time and message size data in the Integration services (webhook, ..).

    However, both values can be calculated during the request, time is the same time we receive the message we send it to the webhook so on the webhook side you can (add a createdAt field) and concerning the size, you may calculate the payload size (check that based on the webhook programing language side).

    We will add this to backlogs so we can add those values in the coming releases.

    Best Regards,
    Ahmad EL Masri

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