Using P12 as PWM output Wipy 3.0

  • Hello all,

    I have a WIPY 3.0 connected to a expansion board 3.1. From these I have made a ruggedised controller/logger, with high V input sensing, and opto-coupled outputs for high side drives.

    I have realised that my application of using P12 for one of the outputs is causing my Wifi to fail due to it acting as the antenna switch (shouldve paid more attention to the pinout!).

    The trouble is that im short on GPIO pins - so im thinking that if I use an external antenna then no matter what my PWM status, the Wifi should work.

    This seems like a bodge, and im not sure whether the fast changing V level of PWM would cause WIFI switch problems - but saying that I cannot understand why Pycom would have given PWM functionality to this pin.

    Has anyone done similar to unlock the GPIO/output potential of P12?
    Or any advice for an alternative workaround? e.g. switch disconnecting?

  • Hi,
    at the moment, it is not possible to use P12 as a regular GPIO pin, as it is connected to the antenna switch. On the OEM modules, it is possible to use this pin.

    To solve your issue, you could take a look at the tiny IC close to the antenna circuitry which is the RF switch, but I cannot give you any support in that.


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