Battery Time

  • Hi

    I have a SiPy connected to the expansion board v2 and a 500mAh battery. When this battery is fully charged though I can only ever get at most a few hours run time on the whole device.

    I cant see how the device, with bluetooth and WIFI deactivated can possibly consume even 100mA.

    Any suggestions? The code is:

    from network import WLAN
    from machine import UART
    from network import Bluetooth
    import os
    uart = UART(0, 115200)
    wlan = WLAN()

    import pycom

    Is the serial management consuming power waiting input?

  • Ok, great. Thanks.

  • It's one of the features being worked on, for now .deinit() only disables the software device it doesn't power it off.

    Should be coming in a future update as well as the power saving modes (deep sleep etc) you need to operate on battery power.

  • What do you mean by it "doesnt turn it off yet"? I saw an SSID broadcast from the device before I applied that command, and then I didnt when I applied that command. The device goes through a lot of power in my opinion. I cant see how you can power this with a battery alone. Kind of defeats the purpose of a IoT device really.

  • @bradnz
    WLAN.deinit() doesn't actually turn the peripheral off yet, it still consumes roughly the same.

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