Deploy Charts and other charts improvements

  • When we're adding devices that all have the same characteristics, it would be nice if we could deploy the charts more efficiently. IE, I'm collecting a months worth of 5 minute readings and always doing the same type of chart.. and it would be nice if I could just push that same chart to selected signals automatically and also programmatically set the dimensions and layout of all of the charts on the main page for that device, so I could deploy them easily to all of my devices.

    Also, it's annoying that I have to click "preview" and wait for a refresh before I can save a chart.. I know what it's going to look like.. why require those steps.

    And why do I have to save a chart, then go back into it to check the 'display on dashboard' option?

    When doing a chart with the "Day" option, and there's more than say 10 days data visible, the x-axis labels overlap each other and become useless.. The 'Week' option doesn't seem to produce a useful output.. And since pybytes wipes data after a month, there doesn't seem to be any use for the month, quarter or year options??

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