WiPy3.0 hardware factory reset

  • I recently got a WiPy3.0 with an 2.1A expansion board from a friend, because he rather uses arduino. But he did some things with it, and now it is stuck on the default program described in the getting started guide. But whenever I plug the board in over serial, it won't show the REPL, and down/upload and run don't function either, so I can't run code from my PC to the WiPy. Is there some way to factory reset it? (I use atom on windows, if it makes some difference)

    Any help is appriciated.

  • @nekoluka You can always start over be erasing flash and reloading the firmware. Only on the expansion board 2.x you have to enable the bootloader mode manually. For that, connect P2 to GND and push the reset on the WiPy3. P2 is labeled G23 on the expansion board. Once uploading is finished, disconnect P2 and push reset again.
    For updating the firmware, use the Pycom updater tool https://pycom.io/downloads/#firmware

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