PyGate code for GPy with LTE backhaul sending decoded values direct to azure iot hub

  • Hi i want to remove the usage of a lorawanserver step and send lorawan sensordata direct from pygate to azure iot hub using gpy/ LTE sim. Is it possible to omit the packetforwarder and send data in another fashion?

    We need a small setup from a solarpowered pygate which shall be placed in the outback..

    Any ideas or help much appriciated

    All the best
    / Johan

  • Hi,
    In theory this should be possible (note that I have no prior experience in azure iot)
    The Pygate basically forwards a JSON containing the data to the LoraWAN server, you can change the server to redirect to an azure iot hub, but I imagine the azure iot hub cannot work directly with the packets forwarded, meaning you will have to write some adaptation in C and compile custom firmware. I can link you to the file that will need changing:
    this test case falls through for Lora packets with a correct CRC, then the JSON is asembled based on the RF receive data. I think you will have to make some changes there in order to get the thing working for azure Iot.

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