Unable to connect to update server (firmware) + Absent Sigfox ID & PAC

  • I'm having a hard time updating the firmware of my Lopy4.
    First, the upgrade tool is unable to connect to the server. I tried in different ways - over wifi, LTE, with VPN, without....

    I circumvented that by downloading the firmware (LoPy4-1.20.2.r1) myself and installing it in offline mode. Yet, once I get to the end of the configuration, and despite it saying successful update, it does not provide the expected "Sigfox ID" and "Sigfox PAC"


    Still, I decided to ignore that and check the IDs directly with board, but they return all ffffffff. However, if I check for the LoRo ID, it does show up...

    Hope someone can help me!

  • Hi,
    Can you privately message me your WLAN MAC address? We will get it sorted for you!

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