Pysense v2 connector cable+socket for pyport to connect external sensors

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    I made some research but was not able to get hold of a 6 lead mini ribbon cable with the right female socket to plug onto my Pysense board pyport so that I can connect external sensors.
    If someone managed to do so I would be interested .

    thanks a lot !

  • @jackalope thanks for the updated link! That is a nice find. Much cheaper as well :)

  • My apologies, this should hopefully work better. The seller is AliExpress
    alinsin Store in case the link ever changes in the future. The cable exits on opposite ends from connector to connector. In my case I'm cutting and soldering to individual components so I'll just reverse my connections I think. I also got the unterminated connectors and cable just in case as well which also fit well.

  • @jackalope thanks for the link! Unfortunately it doesn't work :) I think it is pointing to the item in your order and not the item in the store.
    Could you share the product name or a link to the store item, that would be great.

    My connectors have just arrived, the ones @gijs pointed out fit perfectly, that is the good news. The bad news is the size of the connector. As expected connecting these myself is going to be challenge. More enthusiasm than sense I guess :-D Ah well, we'll see how it works out.

  • @Pieter-Boogaerts

    I ended up ordering some of these from aliexpress. Shipping was a pain but just got it and it fits quite nicely. I don't like making my own cables and didn't trust myself with the tiny connector. One of the 10 I ordered one had slight damage where the wire was exposed outside the sheathing. But for my uses I can make it work.

    Good Luck!

  • Thanks @Gijs I'll try that one instead, prefer to stick to recommended parts :)
    I'll probably go with the Farnel option, shipping wise that will be cheaper as well, nice!

  • The one you linked in seems to be a normal (Female) header-type connector with a pitch of 1.27mm. While it might fit, its not the actual reciprocating end of the connecot we have on the pytrack 2 / pysense 2. The solution I linked in is the connector on the board. The Pyport is a shrouded connector, and from what I can see, this is not the exact mating end.

    From what I can find, this should be the mating connector:, they also list the 20021511-00006T4LF as the reciprocal connector (I think you should be able to get cable assemblies as well, could not find that atm).

    The connectors are somewhat hard to come by unfortunately, but could also be found from less reputable sources.

  • @jackalope I'm looking for the same connector, looks like the part numbers changed a bit on digikey, at least I think so since the older part numbers don't have any stock. Maybe they got a new batch under a different ID? I have no idea :)

    I'm thinking this one will work:
    Planning to order today, will let you know how it turns out.

    0.5 Euro per connector with 18 Euro shipping from US, looks like the connector will be one of the more costly components of the setup....


  • No worries,
    I linked in the actual connector that is on the pysense / pytrack v2 boards. They are from the Amphenol minitek 127 series and there should also be cable assemblies available on Digikey / other suppliers.

  • Sorry to reference such an old topic. But were you able to find the ribbon cable? I must be confused since I've been unable to find the female cable, just the male port for attaching to a board. Is the link below actually the female end?


  • Hello,
    Thank you, I thought that this was the reference for the pyport itself.
    I will order this reference which indeed can be found easily.
    Best regards,

  • Hi,
    The part number is listed in the documentation here: Amphenol 20021511-00006T4LF
    You can get it from digikey (usually) 20021511-00006T4LF
    There are probably vendors that are more suitable to you that have this connector as well.


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