PyGate and Ubidots

  • Hello.
    I want to collect and send Lora-nodes data to Ubidots server directly. I have bought Pygate board but I didn't find any ways to realize it in the documentation. There present example only to send data to TTN. Moreover, APIs is really poor, just functions for init, run and stop the event handler.
    Can I get the raw nodes data?
    Or maybe in some way I can change server address and request string?

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    Currently, the Pygate firmware is still being developed. Im not too familiar with Ubidots, but if it works the same as TTN, you should be able to enter your own router address to connect the gateway.

    Changing the request data would require some source code manipulation. I can point you towards the file where the data is assembled in a JSON packet:

    The relevant portion is below the line I selected


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