3V3 pins

  • Hello,
    I'm wondering what are the difference between those pins on the pysense board :

    • 3V3
    • 3V3_AUX
    • 3V3_AUX_LP
      I'm planning to add a moisture sensor to the pysense and would make sure to use the right pin.

    Thanks !


  • thanks , that clarifies all :)

  • Hi,
    Im planning to make the documentation also reflect this, but I can tell you here already :)
    3V3_AUX is the power provided by the development module you have inserted
    3V3 is the voltage from the power supply on the pysense board (this uses a separate power supply which is not as powerful as the development module's one, but it will stay active in py.go_to_sleep())
    3V3_AUX_LP is the power provided for the SD card through 3V3_AUX

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