PyBytes TTN Account to access console

  • Hi There,

    My be I'm stupid but I can't access TTN console for pybytes LoRaWAN devices.
    Let me explain, I tried pybytes with success and received an email for access login to pycom chirpstack server all of this part is fine.
    Now I've got some devices I need to works on TTN, so looks like connection is working fine (LoRa connected) but how can I have access to TTN Console for pybytes devices ? I'm having same email from pycom SSO and fort TTN I already have my account with this email. But pybytes app on TTN (or kind of) is not linked to my account, which makes sense.
    So what account I need to use to have access to TTN console for pybytes devices, it's very obscur to me

  • pybytes.send_custom_message(...) will work as well (its a subsidiary of send_signal(...) )

  • This post is deleted!

  • Humm, makes sense
    But unfortunately, I'm not using send_signal because it's too limited for my app, I using pybytes.send_custom_message. And as device is provisioned to TTN by pybytes I can't use it with my TTN account.

    By the way I like to way to use pybytes stack for lora because this is something I don't need to manage in my code. So I will do another way, I will declare my device to Chirpstack, then remove them from pycom chirpstack and then declare device into my personal TTN, not the best but it works

  • Hi,
    I think this it is not actually possible to access the TTN console for your pybytes devices. You can see the data being entered into pybytes if you are using the pybytes library to send_signal(...), but it does not work the same as Chirpstack in that sense


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