Which IDE do you use?

  • Alex nicely explained our plans for creating IDE plugins to replace PyMakr, and that we'll start with Atom and Visual Studio Code, followed by Sublime and PyCharm.

    To extend on that, we were wondering what IDE's are actually most used within our community. This way we can see if this order is correct. If you think we should add more IDE's to the poll, feel free to post it on the comments.

    So the question is: Which IDE do you prefer for developing micropython? It is possible to enter 2 options if you want.

  • Eclipse for all the coding languages I use

  • mc (Midnight Commander)

  • I use Atom and rshell, which covers most my needs. They just updated rshell so it can do recursive copies to files and directories, so I do not need FTP anymore.

    I am hoping that something like rshell can be integrated into atom or PlatformIO, which is atom based, so that I am not using a single tool for a specific product but an environment I can do pretty much everything with.

  • How about mu? It's developed for the micropython port on micro:bit. got the possibility to upload files, a repl and a super basic interface. there is also a port around which works with esp8266 (kind of ;) )

  • I use Atom, but as a fairly basic editor rather than an Integrated Development Environment.

    It's a glib comment, but for things like this my "IDE" is the Unix shell. Same point as @jasonriedy is making really.

    For as long as the runtime does random shit like this, I'm not going to trust any plugin anyway, because when things don't work I won't know whether the fault is in the plugin or on the board, and will have to fall back to reliable low-level tools like telnet in any case.


  • Emacs, with TRAMP for FTP access and currently ssh.el for a terminal on the serial host. Might try ser2net one of these days.

    This is the problem with focusing on plug-ins rather than basic plumbing. We all use different environments. Providing plumbing (file transfer, script transfer, etc.) lets folks roll their own interfaces for their preferred environment.

  • I use BBEdit which already works great the Py boards thanks to built-in FTP and remote command options. Also excellent for digging into the MicroPython C implementation :)

    Would love to have it working in Xcode one day.

  • @Ralph UltraEdit
    Built in FTP client and remote FTP editing with local backup.
    Built in Telnet terminal
    Built in HTML viewer

  • None of the above. I use standard editors like Gedit (or Atom), terminals and tools like ftp for FireFTP with Linux/Gnome. Using FireFTP (or FileZilla), I can edit files in place and transfer them forth and back. That's enough comfort, and I have full control over all steps.

  • I use coda for all my text coding, one advantage is the ability to edit files via ftp/sftp so that you don't need to edit a file and then upload it.

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