How to read pinout diagram ?

  • Hello,

    This is probably a dull question but how to read pinout diagrams ?
    I see some with a lot of tags in one line, ie for the lopy4 ? How to read and interprete them from left to right?
    Are all the tags representing a pin and if on the same line meaning that they are wired ?
    Are Serial pins all connected ?

    As you can imagine I'm new to this and am eager to learn.

    Thanks !

  • Right, the Serial connections can be used for UART communication on TX and RX.
    We use UART0 (Pin 1 and Pin 2) for uploading new code to the device, and you are free to use UART1 and UART2 for other purposes (if you have a Fipy, UART2 will be used for the LTE modem)

  • Hello Gijs,
    Thank you for taking the time to answer.
    Regarding the serial pin another way to ask the question would be what are they used for and how?
    Best regards,

  • Hi,
    All the tags in the same line are for the same pin (one pin can have multiple functions, but generally you can only use 1 function at a time)

    Im not use about your question about Serial pins being connected, could you explain that?


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