Deepsleep pytrack 2 issues and external RTC

  • Hi guys,

    I'm working on pytrack 2 deepsleep. What I see is that when I run a deepsleep for 6 hours, pytrack wakeup almost 10 minutes later... I'm the only one that deals with this problem. I have a DS3231 connected to pytrack, I have a chance to use this one for wakeup correctly? Using the alarm interrupt on the PIC. Any advice?


  • Ah sorry, I forgot to mention. We made it such that when you plug in a battery, the pysense sleep feature will work as expected,. Im not sure about using a USB cable without data connections, but I believe we sense for the 5V coming from a USB connector.


  • @Gijs Thank you so much for your answer! Yes, I'm powering the device over USB, is it possible that I get a different behaviour if I power it by +5V?
    Can you share how to enable the feature you talk about?

  • Hi,
    Could it be related to you powering the device over USB? There is a 'feature' in the pysense that it will wake up immediately when powered over USB (which is not properly documented in the documentation yet)


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