LoPy UART shifted trame from one LoPy to another one

  • Hi everybody,

    I'm working on a LoRa GPS tracker project. However, I get some trouble when I try to communicate over a UART communication between two LoPy's. You can find on the figure above an illustration of the problem and of my scripts.


    As you can see, I send a 'a' character which correspond to a '01100001' in the binary ASCII coding and I receive a hexadecimal 'b0' which correspond to '10110000' in binary. It seems that the sent frame is shifted to the right and a 1 is added as the most significant bit. Finally, the weirdest thing is that it perfectly works when I choose the number of stop bit equal to 1 and I completely do not understand why.

    Thanks you and good evening.

  • I saw this commit in ESP-IDF logs today and remembered this thread.


    Looks like 2-stop bit mode should be fixed soon.

  • I think the the uart fixes from esp-idf main repo need to be merged to the pycom-esp-idf fork, it's a couple of versions behind.

  • @Adil.L
    It looks to me that you have exposed a fw bug when using 2 stop bits.

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