wipy-wlan wifi disapear after update

  • HI,
    i've juste received two wipy3.0 with their board.
    i saw their broadcast wifi with name like wipy-wlan-XXX
    i did the firmware update as suggested via windows installer, with default options.
    After that, i never saw again the wifi signal...
    is that normal? any explanation?
    same for the two boards

  • Right, so that is the other thing, if you are using Pybytes on boot, the AP will dissappear, as Pybytes is taking over the WLAN and making its own connection. You can start pybytes later by disabling it on boot and using

    from _pybytes import Pybytes
    from _pybytes_config import PybytesConfig
    pybytes = Pybytes(conf)


  • @Gijs Thanks. When i do a wlan.init(mode=WLAN_STA_AP, ssid="xxx") in the console, the AP wifi appears as expected, but does not stay after reset or unplugging. Seems that it always falls back into STAtion mode only at boot, even if I run pycom.wifi_on_boot(WLAN_STA_AP) and set a ssid name. Indeed, that's weird because on the docs it says that this config should stay. Can I change this behavior, like with the pybytes_config.json? thanks

  • While that is not expected behaviour, you can re-enable the wipy-wlan as discussed in the documentation: https://docs.pycom.io/gettingstarted/programming/ftp/

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