wipy-wlan wifi disapear after update

  • HI,
    i've juste received two wipy3.0 with their board.
    i saw their broadcast wifi with name like wipy-wlan-XXX
    i did the firmware update as suggested via windows installer, with default options.
    After that, i never saw again the wifi signal...
    is that normal? any explanation?
    same for the two boards

  • @Gijs Thanks. When i do a wlan.init(mode=WLAN_STA_AP, ssid="xxx") in the console, the AP wifi appears as expected, but does not stay after reset or unplugging. Seems that it always falls back into STAtion mode only at boot, even if I run pycom.wifi_on_boot(WLAN_STA_AP) and set a ssid name. Indeed, that's weird because on the docs it says that this config should stay. Can I change this behavior, like with the pybytes_config.json? thanks

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    While that is not expected behaviour, you can re-enable the wipy-wlan as discussed in the documentation: https://docs.pycom.io/gettingstarted/programming/ftp/

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