pymakr wifi upload in STA mode

  • Hi,
    I don't know if it's possible to upload files to the lopy board OTA?
    I'd like to upload my .py files to the wifi attached lopy on my network.
    I have a file that connects the board to the wifi router at startup. I expected to pass the ip adress to the pymakr (in atom) to connect in wifi. But I'm stuck with the wifi cable or the ftp (but the lopy board has to be in AP mode).
    Do you think it's possible to update the .py files this way?
    Thank you for your advices!

  • Hi,
    It is also possible to use the FTP server when the device is in STA mode, but you will need to change the IP address in pymakr from to the IP address assigned to the lopy by your network.

    Next to that, you can also use the terminal or other FTP software as described here: with the correct IP address of course

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