cant taik to wipy 1 over USB

  • HI,
    I recently pruchaesd a wipy V1 and expansion board running micropython 1.6 and os.uname().release = 1.2.0. I can connect to the unit wirelessly using telnet from linux. I can also connect using pymakr however this continually disconnects with the error "lost connection with the pycom device (click to attempt to reconnect)

    Apparently to connect to the wipy 1 over USB requires the following code to be placed in the file on the flash

    from machine import UART
    import os

    however i cant seem to find the flash directory on pymakr and since it keeps disconnecting anyway it would be quite difficult to add the required code. Is there a way to add the required code to while connected using telnet? i tried using the "open('','w')" method but this didnt seem to work.

    I also tried putting the code into file on a micro sd card but the SD card was not detected by the system when plugging into the USB port.

    Will upgrading the firmware get around this issue?

    Any help is much appreciated.


  • Hello @katesfb, I do not know using WiPy1 with pymakr over USB. I tried it shortly with WiFi, but I had to modify pymakr to get it working. Pymakr as a product is about to be abandoned, so do not expect any further support. It seems that most people just give it a try and then use other methods.
    Resolving the USB error depends on the operating system you use. Since you mention screen, it seems to be OS X or Linux. The error indicates that you either specified the wrong port or pymakr is not allowed to use it.
    WiPy will also not appear as flash drive. For file exchange, you have to use ftp or other tools which use the USB/REPL connection like ampy, rshell, mpfshell.

  • Hi,
    And thanks for the reply. I was able to successfully use ftp (filezilla) to upgrade the firmware (now running 1.8.7) and was also able to upload a new file with the required code to get REPL from above. I can now talk to the wipy over USB via a terminal using the screen command. Thnks for your help with this. However i still cant connect over USB using pymakr, i still the get the error:

    "Invalid device address, please check the settings"

    Also, is the wipy supposed to appear as a flash drive now when connected to a usb port because it isnt.

    Any help is much appreciated.


  • You can use ftp to transfer files between your computer and WiPy. EIther the basic ftp client (not on Windows), or FileZilla or FirFTP, Just follow the instructions at, section "uploading scripts".

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