Upload Code or Project with external USB to UART Interface

  • I would like to know if anyone already tried this setup described in the documentation to upload code/project with the Pymakr extension.
    Does it work only for firmware update or also for REPL and files/project upload?

    alt text

    This might be related to the following posts, but I did not find anything there:
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  • I recommend rshell, screen (Linux), ampy and Thonny.

  • @p-s As far as I can tell, pymakr uses just RX and TX for communication. Boot loader mode is used for direct flash access as part of flash erase or firmware upload.

    Just in case you do not succeed with pymakr: you do not need it. You can use any terminal emulator for a REPL prompt, and you can use tools like rshell, pyboard.py for code upload via USB, or, what I do, any ftp client like Filezilla for uploading code via ftp.

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