Pygate w/ POE Adapter - PLC Ethernet Communication

  • Hello,

    I would like to build a system that uses a Pygate w/ power over ethernet adapter with an attached FiPy module to communicate with a Click Ethernet PLC (

    The ethernet port on the Pygate will connect to the ethernet port on the PLC to send/receive data with the manufacturer's Ethernet/IP Adapter (

    The FiPy would send and receive data from my cloud server over LTE-M. The reason why a Pygate is used here is only to use the POE adapter, though it may be used to collect data from remote sensors as well.

    Is this possible with the hardware and current ethernet library? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hi,
    My experience with PLC's of this fashion is not at a level from which I can comfortably give you an expert opinion.

    Though I can inform you about the micropython ethernet library. Essentially, it integrates the lwIP stack we use in WLAN and LTE as well, through the SPI-enabled ethernet controller on the PyEthernet. From what I know, it is not possible to use the same stack on the different interfaces (for example, Ethernet and LTE) at the same time, or at least, differentiate between the interfaces.

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