Do we need to convert the sensor data?

  • Hi all,
    As i am currently designing the system to send the sensor data from GPY to AWS via LTE-m. I got the data, for example,
    temp: 25
    temp: 26

    I can send these data straight to AWS

    tempreading = uniform(20.0,25.0)
    mqttc.publish(topic, tempreading, qos=1)

    but reading thru some projects, they has changed the data from float to bytes like this:

    tempreading = uniform(20.0,25.0)
    temp_pack = struct.pack('d', tempreading)
    mqttc.publish(topic, temp_pack, qos=1)

    My question is that is it necessary to do the convert in terms of energy and memory efficiency?
    Sorry if the question sounds dumb but as I could not find the decent answer. Thank you all.

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