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  • I'm using Atom 2.1.8, you know, the one with the deleted scroll slider in the lower window where arguably it's needed most.

    Anyway I've got 2 lopy4s one on com3, the other on com4 & I can swap between them by clicking on the appropriate com in the thin strip that divides the upper & lower windows. Is there a way to split the lower window left & right so that I can view both lopy4s simultaneously? I tried to run 2 instances of Atom under Windows 10, one for each com, but that didn't work.

  • I usually click the mousewheel and drag up/down depending on which direction I need to go, but indeed its not a nice solution. I dont know of any keyboard tricks

  • @Gijs I guess I'll have to get used to using the mouse wheel for scrolling until or if the slider bar returns. Is there some keyboard trick I can do to make each turn of the mouse worth ten times as many lines?

  • I really cant say, theres a lot of open tickets on the Pymakr plugin

    For the meantime, typing something generally brings me all the way down, and the scrolling wheel / dragging up still works fine

  • @Gijs tnx muchly, any idea when we might get the scroll slider back in that bottom window? I really miss it.

  • At the moment, there is no way to split the window in the middle, but I agree it would be a nice feature. If its not already on the feature list, I will add both!


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