Anyone with Pycom-TTN-Ubidots downlink experience?

  • Hello!

    Im trying to send a value from my pycom to TTN and then to Ubidots(works fine), and then back to the pycom for ack(the problem).

    Basically everything works really well when it comes to uploading. But Im having problem when it comes to setting up the downlink.

    The downlink should just be a raw payload of "01" so my pycom can read that of TTN, else it sends another msg untill it gets ack.

    All Ive achived so far is to get "Failed action action_event_web_hooks" in the ubidot event(trigger). I followed this guide:

    But I still don't get it to work... Anyone with experience doing this that could throw me a bone?

    Yours Sincerely, Johan

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