Bugs/Issues moving to GitHub

  • Hi Everyone,

    Quick update, we're attempting to move the handling of incoming bug/issue over to our GitHub repository instead of here, on the Forum.

    Please create any issue/bug ticketing on our GitHub Repo


    We're aware of many issues/bugs disappearing into the increasing history of posts here on the Forum, making it difficult for us to track/handle them. With issues/bugs moving over to GitHub, it will allow us to more easily track/resolve bugs thus giving us more time for support/sales/general concerns here on the Forum.

    Tagging Posts

    In addition to this, when creating posts, please tag your posts (e.g. SiPy, Sales, etc.) as this will help us to more quickly and accurately resolve your questions.

    Pycom Team

  • This post is deleted!

  • Ugh. Not everyone is willing to have a github account.

  • @livius Good suggestion! I'll see what we can do about this!

    edit - You can actually see the available tags here! https://forum.pycom.io/tags but this would definitely be more useful for when you're about to post.

  • @bucknall
    about tagging post
    will be good to see predefined list of tags
    without this i do not see tags usefull at all

  • @robert-hh You're 100% right, going forward we will be ensuring that our firmware releases are matched with updates to the repository!

    @cvp That would definitely be helpful! We can collate most of the issues that have previously been posted here on the forum but definitely for future bug/issues, please create them on the Git Repo.


  • Do I need to create issues for bugs/requests already in this forum or is that necessary only for new topics?

  • Would you also please mind to keep the repository up-to-date. At least the official releases should be published there in a timely fashion, like within 24 hours.

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