Bluetooth symbol length

  • Hi,
    I am now doing a project that use a sdr to capture the Bluetooth signal from the Lopy4. I want to know if this board transmits an empty packet in the advertisement channel when I use the function:

    BT = Bluetooth()

    And if it is the case, can I consider that the packet duration will become 44us as defined in the specification.

    Besides, I also want to ask questions about symbols in Bluetooth. The specification says in Bluetooth 1E, the packet is transmitted 1M symbols /s and the preamble of the packet is 01010101(8 bits in total), does that mean if my sample rate is 10M samples /s, every 1 symbol transmitted corresponds to 10 samples I sampled.

    Thanks for your time

  • In addition, I am not sure what is the samples per symbol of the Bluetooth signal in Lopy4. I noticed that I can change this value when I use matlab example to generate Bluetooth signal.

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