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  • I just updated my firmware using the firmware update tool. All went well but I have a question:
    Can someone clarify the different firmware types? For my Wipy the pybytes, development and legacy type look relevant but I haven't found any documentation on the difference between these three.
    I can speculate but I would prefer to have a correct answer :)



  • @jcaron that's probably cleaner than directly messing in the config :) thanks!

  • @Pieter-Boogaerts On recent versions of the firmware you also have the option to use pycom.pybytes_on_boot(false) to disable Pybytes.

  • Looks like I found an answer to my own question :)
    in /flash/pybytes_config.json you can set pybytes_autostart to false which leads to

    Pybytes configuration read from /flash/pybytes_config.json
    Not starting Pybytes as auto-start is disabled

  • Thanks for the clarification Gijs, great idea to add it to the docs :)
    One follow up question on the topic of pybytes: Is it possible to turn that off?

    I'm really enjoying the barebones nature of the wipy (coming from a much heavier raspberry experience) so as long as I'm not using the cloud platform I would prefer nothing pybytes related to run on the device. Is that possible or am I worrying too much now?


  • (I'll add the explanation to the documentation as well)
    I can imagine it is not clear for first time users!

    • Pybytes - this is the most comonly used latest firmware with built in pybytes library. You can use this firmware to connect to Pybytes (or choose to not use it)
    • Pygate - This firmware is needed to operate the Pygate expansionboard. It contains additional features like support for the LoRa gateway and PyEthernet. On the Lopy4, you cannot use the onboard LoRa radio. This version also includes the pybytes library
    • Pymesh - This firmware is only available through a package on Pybytes as you will need to agree to additional licensing. It allows you to set up a LoRa mesh of pycom devices connected through pybytes

    And, the following we do not recommend using this in production environment

    • Development - The latest beta-releases will be published here. They will be of the pybytes variant. There might be unkown bugs in this firmware.
    • Legacy - Only old firmwares without support for pybytes.
    • Pybytes-legacy - Old firmwares with support for pybytes.

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