Pytrack External IO Pins can be used?

  • I am using the EXT IO pins on the pytrack board (From the "External IO Header"). I have been trying to select 3 of the EXT_IO pins to use to measure voltages, however they seem to be in use (or have preset values) Voltage measurements on IO 0 and 2 are pulled down to ground by default and IO 4 is at 2.5V. I have not yet set them for use as input IO but am now worried they are predefined as output IO? Am I free to play with the IO header pins and use them for input without impacting other functionality on the pytrack board (Within normal operating tolerances of the board) ?

  • @robert-hh Thanks Robert, sounds like I will need to rethink how I do what I am planning and use I2C like you say. You saved me some time.

  • @somervda When you say "measure voltages", do you mean analog voltage? That will not be possible. No pin on the external IO header can be used as analog input. Only ADC1 is available with the MicroPython firmware. Using ADC2 is not possible.
    You can however use an external ADC like the ADS1115 and talk to it via I2C.

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