Firmware Release v1.20.2.r4

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    Dear Pycom community!

    We're happy to announce the release of version 1.20.2.r4

    This version contains the following bug fixes:

    • RTC: utime/rtc/ntp fix
    • modcoap: fix memory issue
    • BLE: Add API create_128bit_le_uuid_from_string()
    • BLE: Fix an issue that Bluetooth init() failed after deinit()

    As usual, you can

    • install this update via Pybytes
    • or with the Firmware Updater
    • find the source code and detailed commit log in the git branch Dev
    • download the firmware packages (.tar.gz) from the docs
    • and get the .elf files from the github release

  • @peterp It is good that the product improves and potential bugs are fixed. Some are not, like the crash and calling lora.reset() on LoPy4 devices. Fixing it just requires adding the missing last entry of the Radio struct in esp32/lora/sx1276_board.c and declaring that entry. It does not even increase the code size. PR #474
    Not to mention PR #476, of PR #362, where the change is in the documentation version Dev, but not in the code.

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