Reset Lopy4 to fabric values

  • Hello, I'm using the lopy4 with a datalogger (I don't know if matters, but I comunicate with it using P3 and P4, serial com), batteries and solar panels.

    And it's happening something weird. Sometimes the lopy stops, if we look at the console it appears >>, and if we look at the wifi networks, its wifi appears with the factory name. That is, it appears that the microcontroller is resetting to the factory state.

    I think the problem is mine and it should be caused by a power surge or something similar. Could this be possible? In the documentation I do not find that this is possible, but it is to rule out possible causes of the error.

    I know the question is pretty generic, but do you have any idea why this happens?

    Thank you!

  • @M-m I've found the LOPY4s more sensitive to power cable length than GPYs. I can run GPYs on a dev board powered from a cheapie (minimum copper)1m long usb cable no problems, but with a LOPY4 I need to have a lipo plugged into the dev board to prevent random resets. It's maybe something to do with the different radios?

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