Pymakr 1.1.8 VS Code - Failed to Connect

  • I've recently updated to Pymakr V1.1.8 on VS Code and now I cannot connect to my Lopy 4.0 via the Com Port. The device is available within the Windows Device Manager and I can programme it using Atom but with VS Code I cannot connect. Anyone aware of why this might be occuring?

    I cannot revert back to a previous version of Pymakr and I have unistalled and reinstalled VS Code and the Pymakr extension. I am using V 1.53.0 of VS Code.

  • I just downgraded my VSCode to 1.52.1 (November 2020), forgot to disable auto-upgrades, and it re-upgraded to 1.53.2. Although was the same version as before, now the pymakr plugin is working correctly with my lopy...
    Running on Windows 10, using FTDI usb-serial with W10 usb serial driver....

  • @Matthew-Felgate-0
    thx, confirmed it is working now, but the version is even newer 1.1.10

  • Global Moderator

    Hi everyone, the VS Code issue should be fixed now; Please update extension to Pymakr to v1.1.9.

    Apologies for the inconvenience.

  • @Matthew-Felgate-0 Any update on this issue?

  • Confirmed here too

    • Ubuntu 20.04
    • vscode 1.53.1-1612827767
    • pymakr 1.1.8

    Downgraded my vscode to

    • vscode code=1.52.1-1608136922

    And yet again I see the lovely >>>

    How did I do that?

    # find a suitable version
    apt list -a code
    # downgrade
    sudo aptitude install code=1.52.1-1608136922
    # prevent future automatic updates
    sudo apt-mark hold code

  • I confirm the above and report the following:

    I was working on a TTGO-T8 V1.7 (sorry it's not a pycom board) Esp32 Wroom with Visual Studio Code , Pymakr extension on USB under UBUNTU 20.04.2 , everything was ok until a Visual Studio Code update was installed automatically.
    After that, pymakr console can no more connect to my Esp32 board. It sees it connected to my /dev/ttyUSB0 port but it stucks waiting for connection.

    I reflashed Esp32 firmware to no avail.

    I did then install Visual Studio Code on a Win7 machine and installed nodej and pymakr and explained it to look for a Silicon Labs serial chip. It sees it in the device list but it stucks with a "Failed to connect" error.
    Thanks to that I landed here.

    Environment is the following:
    Win 7 64 bit
    Visua Code Version: 1.53.2 (user setup)
    Commit: 622cb03f7e070a9670c94bae1a45d78d7181fbd4
    Date: 2021-02-11T11:48:04.245Z
    Electron: 11.2.1
    Chrome: 87.0.4280.141
    Node.js: 12.18.3
    OS: Windows_NT x64 6.1.7601

    Esp32 wroom module with esp32spiram-idf3-20210202-v1.14.bin micropython firmware.

    I can connect and have a repl via USB and putty on both platforms , Ubuntu and Win7

    I'm desperate.

    Best Regards

  • Hi, Newbie here. I have just installed Visual Studio Code, and nodejs, and when I try to connect for the first time to my wipy, I also see "Connecting to COM6...","Failed to connect (Error: Port is not open)".

  • Glad I came across this! It's my first time working with Pycom and I thought that I completely messed up. I went through all kinds of firmware updates for the expansion and dev boards, amongst trying other things... only to realise there was a bug in the update!

    Are there any further news regarding this issue?

    I can confirm that with VS Code (1.53.0) and Pymakr 1.18, It does not connect to the COM ports. I downgraded to VSCode 1.52.1 and Pymakr 1.17 but it seems to hang at "Connecting to COMx". Can anyone else confirm this issue? Running on Windows 10.

  • @Matthew-Felgate-0 Any update on this issue?

  • Confirmed here as well. For me, all serial ports show up, but I can't connect to any PyMakr devices on them. We now run our computers with internet access disabled to hopefully avoid all Visual Studio Code instances to update themselves...

  • Global Moderator

    Hi all. We at pycom are looking into this issue.

  • Hi !
    I confirmed, same issue here with VS Code 1.53.0 and Pymakr 1.1.8 on MacOS

  • Confirming I have the same issue on the latest version of VS Code.

    Version: 1.53.0 (user setup)
    Commit: 8490d3dde47c57ba65ec40dd192d014fd2113496
    Date: 2021-02-03T20:36:38.611Z
    Electron: 11.2.1
    Chrome: 87.0.4280.141
    Node.js: 12.18.3
    OS: Windows_NT x64 10.0.19042
    Pymkr extension: 1.1.8

  • @quentinmsl I can confirm I have the same problem, will try this solution

  • Update :
    I reinstalled VSCode in V 1.52.1 (and disable automatic updates) and it worked with the Pymakr in V 1.1.7

  • The same problem, I see the serialport when I do the Pymakr -> Extra -> List Serial Ports but cannot connect.

    Found 2 serialports
    COM10 (FTDI) (copied to clipboard)
    COM8 (FTDI)
    Connecting to COM10...
    > Failed to connect (Error: Port is not open). Click here to try again.
    Connecting to COM8...
    > Failed to connect (Error: Port is not open). Click here to try again.

    When I go back to version 1.1.7 or older of Pymakr, VS Code does not launch the Pymakr console anymore and when I execute a command it crashes

    The command 'Pymakr> Extra's> List serial ports' resulted in an error (command 'pymakr.extra.getSerial' not found)

  • @Karol-Bieniaszewski I can still see the serialport when I do the Pymakr -> Extra -> List Serial Ports

  • i have the same
    even Pymakr->Extra->List serial ports show:

    Found 0 serialports

    no problem with connecting to serial port by any other software e.g. Arduino IDE -> Com port monitor

    Same problem with Pymakr-> atom version

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