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  • I've finally managed to connect to my device's SSD via wifi.

    I have managed to upload a file to the device (main.py) which just count and outputs the counter via print()

    I am looking for the file in the filesystem of the device. I can FTP in and when I use the ls command, there is nothing there. I also used cd /flash but nothing there.

    Where are the files stored, and how do I access them via FTP? The main.py file must be stored on the device because when I reset the device it starts counting again.

    Also, how do I install third party packages? On a normal computer we would use pip for that. How does it work on a lopy or gpy? Can I install my own packages? If so, how? I have looked all over the docs site, but the file system isn't really mentioned at all.


  • @robert-hh said in (Newbie) - filesystem:

    @Mark-Wills did you set ftp to passive mode?

    No I don't think I did. I'll check that - thank you!

  • @Mark-Wills did you set ftp to passive mode?

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