Wipy 2.0 and ADS1115

  • Hi All, I've spent almost a day getting this simple AD to work.- Hopefully you will find it before it is too late. See changes below.-

    class ADS1115:
    def init(self, i2c, address=0x49, gain=0):
    # Modified to work in Wipy2.0
    self.i2c = i2c
    self.address = address
    self.gain = gain # 0 --> 2/3 6.144V

    def _write_register(self, register, value):
        # Modified to work in Wipy2.0
        data = ustruct.pack('>BH', register, value)
        self.i2c.writeto(self.address, data)
    def _read_register(self, register):
        # Modified to work in Wipy2.0
        data = self.i2c.readfrom_mem(self.address, register, 2 )
        return ustruct.unpack('>h', data)[0]

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