Lopy4 LoraWAN Uplink Device Rejoin Command

  • Hello, I am working with a Lopy4 module using LoraWAN capabilities.

    I would like to remotely trigger the Lopy4 to do a network rejoin.

    Can you let me know is there a command I can send to the device over TTN network uplink so that the device will initiate a rejoin?

  • Nothing built in, you'd have to update the code to implement this, which you say is not possible.


  • Cheers Andrew. To clarify a bit more - this is for devices already deployed in the field. SO I do not have the ability to modify the PyCom.

    I'm wondering if the Lopy4 has pre-built LoRa downlink commands built in. And if yes is there a guide on what these are and how to send them?

  • You can always use a custom downlink message to trigger a re-join.


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