Atom repl window gone

  • Foolishly downloaded the latest pymakr & now Atom has no repl window. My usual trick of unistalling pymakr from within Atom then unistalling Atom, downloading & installing the latest atom, reinstalling pymakr isn't working.

    The .atom files described in don't seem to exist anywhere on my windows machine so I can't install pymakr manually. Any one got any clues for getting pymakr 2.1.9 working in Atom 1.54.0? Or indeed how to get any version of pymakr working in any version of Atom?

  • @Matthew-Felgate-0 Atom 1.54.0 seems stuck on whatever version of pymakr is in place. If I click uninstall pymakr, close Atom then open it again it shows pymakr still there. If I check for package updates it says it has the latest version. Do you know if the info at is current? I can't find any trace of .atom files on this windows10 machine.

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    Hi @kjm

    I have Atom 1.54.0 and pymakr 2.1.9 working on Mac with REPL interface.

    What problems are you having re-installing pymakr?


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