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  • I am using pybytes for collecting Data of an GPy.
    Main Problem I have collecting data with node Red or any other connection. I found only 2 posts of how to connect to the mqtt port. One only said u need the username (email address)
    and as Passwort the device ID
    On a other Post I found out you need an „u“ in front of the Device ID.. if I establish a connection there is no way to subscribe to an topic..
    it would be great if the topic that is showed on top of the pybytes platform would work as:
    Or just [signalname]/ or.. [signalNumber]/
    The connected node red is getting to many empty or not needed messages from the pybytes platform if there is no way to subscribe only to needed topics..

    Have a great day @all

  • I can imagine, sorry for the inconvenience. I submitted a feature request with the Pybytes team to be able to do this. If there's more people looking for this, it would bring higher up the list of course :)

    Thanks! Have a nice weekend yourself

  • @Gijs that would be awesome if I could only select the signals in pybytes - otherwise I have to use another 3. party service in between to filter.
    *Pushing thumps for the pybytes dev team :)

    Kind regards and have nice Weekend

  • Ah I thought there was an option available to select only specific signals, but it appears Im mistaken. Is it a possibility for you to filter only the applicable data on the NodeRed end? I'll check with the Pybytes team if there's some hidden presets available for that perhaps.


  • @Gijs thanks for your respond.
    I gave it a try and data is transmitted like a charm.
    The only thing I can’t find is a way how to select what signals I want to have transmitted.

    I only need Signal1 to be send to the Webhook..
    the other Signals are only debugging and shouldn’t be send to the Webhook
    I can select the devices I want to transmit to the Webhook but not the Signals.

    Kind regards,

  • No worries,
    Im not sure the Pybytes MQTT is supposed to work that way though, I'd recommend using the webhook integration in pybytes to forward data to your node red application over HTTP/JSON. You can specify what information you want to include and for which devices

    Let me know if that helps you,

  • Hey Gijs :) I AM SORRYY :)

    right now my setup is:

    GPY ---> Pybytes SIG1, ..2, ...3 -- (> Node Red --- > Push Notification Service

    so my problem is: to any subscribing device

    How do I subscribe to a Topic on ?? is there any topic syntax I can use? select/subscribe to only one Signal like: SIG1?

    The only topic that works is u+DeviceID as topic.. and that gives me everything.. from the actual signal (strangely formatted payloads like ">Device started3" instead of "Device started" )

    I hope I made it a little easier now.. ? :)

    Thanks in advanced

  • Im having a hard time understanding what you're trying to achieve. You say you're using pybytes, but then you explain an issue with node red?

    You could use the separate mqtt library provided in the pycom libraries repo:

    Or explain what exactly you're trying to achieve


  • no one who has the same problem?

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