LTE issues on FW 1.20.2.rc10 with double precision

  • Re: Pycom firmwares with single/double precision and ulab module

    Hi @rcolistete , I must use your FW from GitLab to have float numbers in dp. But this FW has an issue on LTE. It won't connect to Network-Provider and always outputs:

        |            FSM           |        STATE       |
        | RRC TOP FSM              |CAMPED              |
        | RRC SEARCH FSM           |CAMPED              |
        | RRC ACTIVE FSM           |IDLE                |
        | PMM PLMN FSM             |NORM_CAMPED         |
        | EMM MAIN FSM             |REGISTERED          |
        | EMM AUTH FSM             |KASME_DEFINED       |
        | EMM CONN FSM             |EMM_IDLE            |
        | EMM TAU FSM              |NULL                |
        | EMM TEST FSM             |NULL                |
        | ESM BEARER FSM           |BEARER_ACTIVE       |
        | SMS MT FSM               |IDLE                |
        | SMS MO FSM               |IDLE                |
        | HP MAIN FSM              |IDLE                |
        | HP USIM FSM              |READY               |
        | HP SMS MO FSM            |IDLE                |
        | HP SMS MT FSM            |IDLE                |
        | HP CAT FSM               |IDLE                |

    If I use standard FW 1.20.2.r4, LTE attaches and connects reliable. Is there a plan to update dp FW with working LTE?

  • Hi @rcolistete any updates on updating firmware to support LTE with double precision?

  • I hope to have time next weekend to update Pycom MicroPython firmwares with sp/dp, ulab, etc.

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