Not able to connect to Pysense via Atom, VSCode or Putty.

  • Hi,

    I have upgraded the firmware of the PySense v1.1 as it is documented. Everything went smooth.
    However I am not able to connect it via Atom or VsCode. The uploaded firmware is pysense_0.0.8. The Atom version is 1.55. This is how it hangs:

    Connecting to COM9...

    How to debug from now on? How should I proceed?

    OS: Windows 10
    Atom Version: 1.55
    PySense Version: 1.1
    PyMakr Version: 2.1.9

  • @simon-tischler Re-flashing fixed the issue. Thank you very much.

  • had the same problem i was able to fix it by doing the following

    1. flash the board firmware again this time erasing/reseting everything (just check all checkboxes aboard erasing something ;) )
    2. After that the board did not blink anymore (so it must execute something else) during application mode
    3. Now i was able to connect with putty to the COM Port by using 115200 Baudrate (the default one did not work)
    4. Close Putty that was just for testing. back to VS Code i was now able to connect to the board after hitting one of the reset buttons on the board/extension (i don't know which one, i guess it is just important to reboot)

    I tried a lot and nothing worked. but somehow this worked for me. i'm using windows 10, VS Code (atom will just work fine too i guess), pygate and WIPY.

  • Is it clear PySense board or you have some device on it like Wipy, Lopy, SiPy... ?
    I ask because PySense is only expansion board to such devices.

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