Error starting modem connection

  • I am trying to connect to vodafone network using the example found in "Tutorials & Examples > Networks > LTE"

    I have connected the gpy module to the pc as shown in "Getting Started > Getting Started Programming the modules > USB Serial"

    When I try to run the example code, I get the following error: "OSError: Couldn't start connection to Modem (modem_state=disconnected)"

    After many retries, sometimes, the example starts without errors but goes in an infinite loop:



    |            FSM           |        STATE       |
    | RRC TOP FSM              |STOPPED             |
    | RRC SEARCH FSM           |NULL                |
    | RRC ACTIVE FSM           |NULL                |
    | PMM PLMN FSM             |NULL                |
    | EMM MAIN FSM             |NULL                |
    | EMM AUTH FSM             |NULL                |
    | EMM CONN FSM             |NULL                |
    | EMM TAU FSM              |NULL                |
    | EMM TEST FSM             |NULL                |
    | ESM BEARER FSM           |BEARER_NULL         |
    | SMS MT FSM               |IDLE                |
    | SMS MO FSM               |IDLE                |
    | HP MAIN FSM              |IDLE                |
    | HP USIM FSM              |NULL                |
    | HP SMS MO FSM            |IDLE                |
    | HP SMS MT FSM            |IDLE                |
    | HP CAT FSM               |NULL                |




    |            FSM           |        STATE       |

    Thanks for any help.

  • Global Moderator

    Could you let me know of the output with lte =LTE(debug=True), that way, we can verify the AT commands. Also be sure to verify the power supply capabilities, as the LTE modem might consume more current than expected
    Could you also let me know of the following output:

    import sqnsupgrade

    This will return a coredump at the end, please do not copy that over, but only the text at the top.
    Let me know,

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