WiPy re-use UART-REPL ports P0/P1 for other purpose

  • I am using WiPy on Pygate. Unfortunately there is no real way to attach any external device to this expansion boar, as exposed pin headers are limited to UART for programming and REPL. I am wondering is there a way to disable UART on P0 and P1 to use these for other purposes? I don't mind not having terminal over USB as long as I can still see output via telnet.

    From Pygate_v1.pdf

  • Thanks, that really did the trick. I added it in the boot.py together with 3 sec sleep period in order to interrupt it if I need to load new code.


    This way both P0 and P1 pins were released and can be re-used

  • Starting point will be uos.dupterm(None)

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