Information if expansion board is charging battery

  • Hello!
    Does any one could tell me please if there is a way with micropython to retrieve the information if the expansion board is charging the battery (red led lit) or not (red led off)?

  • @Gijs Thank you for your answer, I am making tests and I will inform you.

  • unfortunately you can't, the CHG jumper only changes the charging current between 100mA and 450mA.
    I understand its a bit small, but its the best I can think of, soldering to the charging IC is even smaller :) and Im not aware of any testpads on the bottom connected through to this point in the circuit

  • @Gijs Thank you for your answer.
    You want me to solder a wire on this micro resistor, I will have to buy triple glasses!
    It would be easier maybe to connect on CHG jumper. Is this a possible solution?

  • Great question. This is not possible with the stock hardware, and I cannot give a guarentee the following will work, but thats how I would do it.

    You could connect a wire to the resistor close to the CHG led (I think its the left side but you'd have to check). This is connected to a inverted indicator pin (high means not charging, low means charging) and acts as a current sink, meaning current will flow from the battery voltage through the LED to the indicator pin on the charging IC. You could connect the wire to a digital pin and check it digitally.

    Please measure it first with a multimeter as im not sure of the side that is connected through :)

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