Pymesh Border Router Setup?

  • Was wondering if anyone had some tips on setting up Pymesh border routers?

    I'm trying to setup a basic mesh with a couple border routers to report mesh status to Pybytes. The nodes will currently connect to Pybytes and will fill in the info on the Project "Structure" tab (name/role/last connected/MAC) but will only say "Not available" on the monitoring tab under border router.

    I've read the docs on border routers, but not sure what exactly I need to change for them to connect to Pybytes. Such as, do I need to change the example IP address 'ip = "1:2:3::4"
    port = 5555' to something specific on my network to get the data out?

    Or do I need to change this line:
    " # user code to be inserted, to send packet to the designated Mesh-external interface"
    To send specific mesh data to Pybytes, or is it already baked into the firmware?

    Basically, what do I need to tweak in the examples to get border routers to function with pybytes?

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!

  • Ah, interesting, it looks like the node is talking to pybytes, on the signal tab you can see the message with the node/neighbor info that I assume the Pymesh monitoring tab would use. It's just not getting loaded on the webpage. That's good enough for me, haha.

  • I believe the information you mention from this page: on changing the ip and port is meant for 'external' connections (if you want to connect to your own server). From my last experience with the Pymesh, I believe I had no issues sending messages from non BR nodes to a BR and onto pybytes with the example supplied here:

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