Start Pymesh with Pymesh vs Pybytes?

  • Is there some reason that with the latest firmware from the Pymesh tab on Pybytes I can only start a Pymesh with;
    pymesh = pybytes.__pymesh.__pymesh

    and not

    pymesh = Pymesh(pymesh_config, new_message_cb)

    I'd like to have one/two border routers running pybytes and reporting mesh status while another set of nodes in the mesh runs a WIFI AP and webserver. Right now I can't seem to turn off Pybytes on boot (or disable after the fact) and start the wifiap and webserver without core panics. Though if I turn off Pybytes at boot, I can start the webserver, but "pymesh = Pymesh..." fails with "No attribute found 'mesh'" like I'm trying to run firmware without pymesh.

    All this minus the pybytes part has been working under older firmware, so I can revert back, it would just be great to have web monitoring and whatever other tweaks are in the new firmware!


  • Missed the edit window, but to correct myself, I can't start the node with pybytes on wifi, start the pymesh, run pybytes.disconnect(), deinit wifi, and then reinit as a wifiAP with webserver without core panics.

    Though the bigger thing is I can't use pymesh = Pymesh() at all with current firmware? I guess?
    Need more coffee.

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