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  • I am relatively new to the pybytes platform. I have tried deploying a release via pybytes but after the 'your release has been deployed' confirmation message nothing happens. Is there anywhere I can see what is going wrong?

    One complication might be that I have created a number of subdirectories?

    I tried this on both a lopy4 and a Wipy 3.0 both on firmware 1.20.2.R4

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the suggestions / testing. I'll add it to the bugs list. I understand the feature is not quite as robust as you'd like.
    The Pybytes.conf file is unique to each device (it contains the unique id etc.), though Im not sure how that ties into the whole release process and if you have to include it.

  • Discovered that if I connect the device using the expansion board and then do a safe reboot and start up pybytes manually using code below and then deploy the release to the device it always works (so far). Hope that helps dev team to find out why it is not always working for 'live' devices.

    from _pybytes import Pybytes
    from _pybytes_config import PybytesConfig
    conf = PybytesConfig().read_config()
    pybytes = Pybytes(conf)

  • Ok after investing considerable time today on this starting from a completely empty project I can now confirm that the deployment release functionality works to some extend but definitely is not robust.
    At some point in time devices do not pick up a new release anymore. You have to completely reinstall them before they pick up the release which is then installed properly so there is nothing wrong with the release itself.
    I realise this is still a beta but it will need to become a lot more robust before this can be applied as a robust mechanism applied at scale in my humble view.

  • Also notice that if the main file does not change in a new release (but e.g. only a module in a subdirectory) then the release is not deployed

  • I managed to deploy one release. Problem was the file structure.

    Feature requests:

    • can the file structure of the file be validated at the moment of uploading the file
    • can the debug log of a deployment attempt of a device be made visible in the pybytes deploy overview

    Documentation enhancement request:

    • would like to understand better if the pybytes.configuratio. file is unique to the device or if it should be overwritten in de release deployment proces

  • @Gijs Thx for your reply; have inserted that line. Where should I now look for the debug info?

  • On your device, could you set the following:

    import pycom; pycom.nvs_set('pybytes_debug', 99)

    This should give more insight in whether and what data reaches the devices.

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