LTE-M packet size

  • I am trying to post 5-6 scalar values using the GPy over LTE. When using to https post a small json data structure to a flask app, bills me for a packet sizes are 7kb eating up my dataplan pretty quickly.

    MQTT has I understand smaller overhead but when trying to publish over LTE using the example I get an exception (OSError: [Errno 202] EAI_FAIL), but works fine when connected to WIFI. Documentation does say "to and from IoT devices via WiFi.", but this should work over LTE?

    Is there another way to transfer to and from my GPy using LTE (CAT-M1) without eating up my dataplan?

  • The MQTT library should work fine over LTE (we use it in Pybytes as well), though it seems the address resolver cannot find your mqtt server. the EAI_FAIL (Error Address Information) is caused by the DNS lookup failing, unrelated to the MQTT protocol.

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