REPL and safe boot not working in firmware after 1.20.1

  • I have a LoPy4 and the only firmware that allows me to connect to it from Atom is 1.20.1 and below. When I do a firmware update to any version after 1.20.1, I can't get the REPL window to connect and the device cannot go into safe boot. In the first safe boot window, when I release the Safe boot button, instead of remaining in safe boot, the led simply goes off. Same thing for the OTA mode. I haven't tried all the updates but I have tried very many.
    This post and this post seem to have the same problem except that no solution works for me.
    Anyone else with the same?

  • I can confirm that this is now working. I had to update first to 1.20.2.rc6 and then to 1.20.2.r4

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