Pygate power input options

  • Hi all,

    what options are available to power a pygate besides USB or PoE.
    It is multiple times mentioned for the expansion board 3.0 to power it by Vin.
    I could not spot something similar on the pygate.
    Is there some option with the testpads ? Are there undesirable effects by not using the usb conection?

    Finally i search a solution to build a solar powered setup with the pygate+gpy but at the moment only power is required.

    By the way anybody using the GPS interface at the right side of the board?


  • You can provide power with a battery through the battery connector as well. The VCC header on the side of the board will work as well, though that will not charge the battery.
    Concerning the GPS interface, (1pps from GPS): this is used to increase the stability SX1308 LoRa receiver directly and has no other purpose

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