OTA release issue

  • I'm trying to deploy new OTA releases, but the Pycom does not accept it and spits out this message:

    E (56) esp_image: image at 0x210000 has invalid magic byte
    Cannot load Firmware img in the active partition! .. Defaulting back to previous partition

    Anything I might be doing wrong? I've uploaded hundreds of releases before and never seen this before, nor am I doing anything differently.

  • I have the same problem with the same byte 0x210000 , also I tried pycom.bootmgr(boot_partition=pycom.OTA_0, fs_type=pycom.LittleFS, safeboot=True, reset=True) and there's nothing change , is there any another solution ?

  • If I understand the OTA update correctly, there are two partitions (factory and OTA), and the OTA updater will automatically switch between them to decide which to update next, and which to run the firmware from (you can manually decide this using pycom.bootmgr())

    What I think went wrong in your case, is that the partition to update, and the currently running partition are the same, causing this error, perhaps by accident or a fault in the OTA system. But as you clarify, you've done it hundreds of times, so I guess its cosmic radiation flipping the one bit :)


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