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  • Hello everyone,
    I'm new here and I would like to know how can I work on the same project with my other team members?
    We have 1 device (connected to my computer), each one of us has a Pybytes account, but I don't see any option to invite my team to work on the same project.
    How can they test and write code for the project without sending it to me every time?

    Of course, the device needs to stay connected, and I saw you can connect the project to Github (and maybe like that every push is deployed to the device?) but there is an option that the other team members can test the code inside their Pybyte dashboard or via VScode console (without asking me to check in my dashboard)?


  • There's several ways of collaborating currently available, but Im not aware of your level of remoteness

    If your teammate is not in the same location / building, you can work on the same code in for example a GitHub repository, and one of you has to push it to the device.

    If both of you have access to the same Pybytes account with the device attached, you should be able to use the remote project upload as well, though note it is still in beta and not all features (like collaboration) are fully operational yet. Moreover, it might be hard to figure out who uploaded which version of the code last, and what is running on the device, making testing somewhat harder.

    If you are both in the same room / connected to the same network, you can approach the device through a Telnet or FTP connection to upload code, using Pymakr or an FTP client respectively:

    An issue in any scenario might be testing code that breaks the WiFi connection, which in turn also closes the Pybytes / Telnet / FTP connection

  • @Gijs So just to make sure I understand, right now, if I bought a device, and my other team member is not working in the same place I am, how can we work on the same project? how can he maintained and test the code before we push it to production?

    There is an option to add a device remotely? So my other team members will add the device I have here to their Pybyte dashboard OR vscode ?

  • I think this feature is currently not available, though we're looking to implement a collaboration feature I believe, like being able to share devices between users etc.

    If its not on the list already, I will add a feature request, though it might still take some time before its implemented.


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