how to use multiple device

  • Hey,
    I need to use 2 LoPy4 with PySense on my Laptop, how can I send the code 1 from project 1 to COM4 and code 2 from project 2 to COM4?

    I tried to set the address in the project settings from pymakr to COM3 in project 1 and COM4 in project 2 but this still not working.
    Maybe the IP-Addresses of both devices are the same. Should I change this? If so, how?

    I use VS Code and i'll be happy for a work around :)

  • @Little-Freak Hello! I'm not sure if you still need it, but if you use the atom 1.52.0 the pymark package is working yet. The problem is with the new atom's version (it updates automatically if you don't cancel it).


  • I can't install pymakr on atom and need something for vsc :(

  • In Atom Pymakr, Im able to load both projects into the workspace, and use a selection box (Above the connection switch in the terminal) to select the project for each device. Its quite buggy and changes all the time, but Im able to upload different projects to different devices.

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