EMC/RF testing - spurious noise around 6.4GHz

  • During EMC/RF testing at a facility I came across noise at and around 6.4GHz which passes the limit for signals outside the allowed frequency bands (LTE band 20 - 800MHz, WiFi/BT - 2.4GHz).

    What could be the cause for this noise and how might I be able to remove it?

    See results from the testing facility below:

    LTE CAT-M1 Harmonic 6425MHz 10MHz close up 5.3.2021 1.30.28 PM.png

    LTE CAT-M1 Harmonic 6425MHz 100MHz less detailed 5.3.2021 1.31.37 PM.png

    435871 Radiated Emissions VP 1500-12750MHz h=175cm 0-360deg 5.3.2021 1.04.16 PM.png

    435871 Radiated Emissions HP 1000-12750MHz h=175cm 0-360deg 5.3.2021 12.57.17 PM.png

    Note: Previous topic about how to perform EMC/RF testing (here)

  • @livius
    Haha :)
    The noise is only present when the GPy is in the testing room. We tested just the GPy attached to the expansion board in the room to make sure it could have only been the GPy.

  • @E-W

    Maybe it is not noise ;-)
    Only signal to some interesting place when someone listen to it ;-)

    But to be more serious, are you sure that it is from tested device not equipment around?

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